Canik Comp 2.0 Competition Holster

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The Canik SFX are growing in popularity within the competion world. So we decided to develop a holster that will provide shooting competitor's with the same quality, reliability and functionality as our other popular Canik products. These competition holsters are Field tested and tuned with the shooter in mind to exceed the shooters expectations.
The Canik Comp 2.0 is vaccum formed using our cad designed CNC aluminium mold for a superior rigid holster. Designed for a precision fit that will accommodate most all Tp9 series Canik models.

Here's what our Canik Comp 2.0 holsters feature.

• Sleek and slim design

• Adjustable retention for all types of shooting sport's.

• Division legal sight channel / slide cut for quick consistent draw cycles.

• Universal hole pattern to fit most name brand hangers and belt attachments such as Safari land,G-code,bladetech,blackhawk etc.

• Flared opening design for ease of reholstering.

• Formed in Anti flex design features.

• Available in .080,.093 and .125 thickness Kydex

•black carbon fiber and red is in .80 thickness only

• .080 in colors and most patterns of your choice.

• Stainless Steel adjustable retention knobs. With oversized thumb grip for easy adjustments

• Rigid and stable designed outer shell.

***With the large variety shooting competitions today comes many divisions. With all these divisions comes holster and gear rules. And not all body types are the same. Which means that a holster may be legal for one shooter but not legal for another because of the various body types.
So know what division you are going to shoot and the gear rules. Always measure and test gear before heading off to your shoot. You will need to leave as much information about the division you are entering in the comments section so we may best accommodate your needs.****