About us

We are a family owned holster and gear shop located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina, which is where our name is derived. Starting out as a hobby in 2013 by building gear for myself, local L.E.O., friends, and family. The goal of taking our products to the public after two years of design engineering and harsh field testing performed by local L.E.O. firearms instructors, military service men, and E.D.C. customers finally became a reality.  We incorporated in 2016 as Smoky Mountain Concealment.  In 2017, we made the decision to go global with our gear and products by launching our new website. 

Although I am not a veteran with any military or L.E.O. background, we have taken on local L.EO. and military guys that are. They have been involved in the design and testing of our equipment from the beginning. Our goal with this is to ensure we can provide gear that will function and withstand the harshest conditions for every day carry.

Our goal is dedicated to producing high quality gear for the everyday carrier while having the best customer relations possible. We are also always striving to grow in ways that will produce the best products available.

We are always striving to move forward, so in the fall of 2016 we started using CNC forms by vacuum forming gear for precision and consistent fit for most of our gear we offer on our website. This process is not 100% complete with all our products, because we are continuing to offer a limited amount of custom builds. We are growing in this precision process as quickly as we can.

I would like to give a shout out and thanks to my supportive wife for all she does. Many family and friends have offered a tremendous amount of support and encouragment during this journey. I also give a big thanks to two of the guys that have been with me in design and testing since the beginning: Lieutenant Scott buttery of the Jackson County sheriff's Dept and Sargent Matt Pelicer of the Franklin PD.