Canik Appendix carry

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A newly designed dedicated or convertable appendix carry holster for the Canik. This holster can be converted to regular IWB if the removable wedge feature is selected. 

Featuring a molded in appendix wedge or a removable foam appendix wedge for comfort and concealment. The molded in or foam removable wedge  feature helps conceal your firearm by aiding the tucking of the grip into the body. It also keeps the holster at a streamlined position parallel to the body. It’s comfortable to carry throughout the day where movement is involved.

 Do you carry optics on your edc Canik? We covered that as well with our optic carry design built into both the AIWB and IWB options. Giving the user the ability to mount optics and carry with comfort and ease. 

*** The New Sub Compact appendix holster will be elite length for comfort design****