Glock Tlr1 AIWB

Handcrafted with security, a variety of adjustments, and comfort in mind, our Glock Tlr1 holster line is of top quality.  Precision fit and adjustable retention makes the Glock Tlr1 AIWB a great choice for your next weapon mounted light holster.  

  • Will accommodate glock models 19/23/32/17/22/34/35/41
  • Ability to cant
  • Adjustable retention
  • Adjustable ride height 
  • Dual pull the dot rubber coated nylon loops from 1.25",1.50", and 1.75" 
  • "True grip" back cut for a great full grip during the draw cycle.
  • RCS VG2 claw helps tuck the grip towards the body for better concealment.