A.C.S. (Appendix Carry System)

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  • The A.C.S. (Appendix Carry System) is built using state of the art CNC forming molds along with our vacuum form technology to offer the highest quality of precision fit and finish. We designed the A.C.S. model for carrying your firearm so you can access it quickly while keeping it secure upfront and close .
  • Dual pull the dot loop system covers 1.25",1.50", and 1.75" wide belts.  ***Belts that are dual layered 1.75" and larger are considered custom built and need to be specified with the correct info in the comments.
  • 3 positions of ride height and canting ability. 
  • The A.C.S. model utilizes the VG-2 claw. The VG-2 claw helps aid in tucking your grip toward the body, giving you better concealment for higher capacity magazines.
  • The single strutted loop is designed to give the option of tucking in clothing between your holster and belt connection for true concealment.