S.C.S. (Secure Carry System)

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The S.C.S. (Secure Carry Sysytem) IWB are vacuum formed from CNC cut molds for precision fit and finish which are built for concealed carry purposes. 

  • Built in rear sight cover for comfort.
  • Standard single belt attachments include tuckable strut and loop system for high security. 
  • Upgrade to our most famous Dual pull the dot loop system for extreme adjustability in ride height and cant. The Pull the dot loops are also adjustable for 1.25",1.50", and 1.75" belts
  • Our SCS "Secure Carry System" IWB also accommodates the RCS VG-2 grip tucking claw for aiwb carry. 

Important notice:

If wearing a dual layer belt at 1.75" or above belt please let us know, as they will need custom loops at no extra charge.